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Wedding Dress 2016

Wedding Dresses 2016 There are different types of wedding dress trends in this year like high collar wedding dress 2016 where it covers the chest and can end below the neck or may extend up the neck, it will create a formal and elegant look there are varieties of high collar wedding dress that include a cut out or keyhole that expose limited amount of your chest, it also supports all lengths of sleeves, full skirt wedding dress are suitable for wedding dress 2016 ceremony, but wearing these full skirt wedding dress it is not easy to walk since it comes up to floor length or up to ankle length.


An even mini dress where you can show your beautiful legs, mermaid wedding dress are there for years, and they vary over times, silk wedding dress are makes one feel comfortable and beautiful and also it is the right choice. In olden days, people use to wear silk wedding dress for their marriages and were they good choices and silk wedding dress were one of the most versatile fabrics and came in a variety of types, and various silk wedding styles are there. If there are any dirty in wedding dresses, you can clean them by yourself, but there are professionals who are specialized in cleaning wedding dresses.

Cruise wedding dress come in shades of purple, blue, red and orange, another destination wedding dress is the tropical wedding dress where the target is surrounded by lush evergreens and enchanting beauty of woods and forests ,this wedding dress is unconventional dress and accessory used are metal jewelry, and there are other destination wedding dress like beach wedding dress where the environment would be the sun, sand and sea. This dress could be off the shoulder and back of the dress with sequins and lace with thin straps .and also you can choose set theme of water in your wedding dress. If you are planning your wedding among banana trees or serene you can wear the traditional wedding dress that woven with silk top quality and sleeves extending the whole hand, this wedding dress 2016 gives an elegant look.

We all know that the wedding dress is of prime importance for a bride. First, you decide upon the wedding dress and then choose other accessories like veil, shoes, hairstyle, headpiece, bouquet, etc. accordingly. Not all wedding gowns are suitable for everyone. There are a few standard types of wedding dresses which are popular and usually brides pick on these and customize it as per their imagination. Let’s take a look at the various types of gowns which are in trends and which dress goes which type of body shape. This will help you shortlist the dress.

A-Line/Princess Wedding Gowns

A-line dress is a very classic silhouette. This type of dress, as implied by the name, resembles the letter “A.” An A-line dress typically has a tapered top, sloped waist and flared skirt. These gowns tend to flatter women who have figures that are heavier in the hips and waist. A-line wedding dresses come in a variety of styles many with delicate lace trim and intricate beading and embroidery designs. A-line gowns are recommended for the most body types except for women who do not have a defined waistline. While neither the A-line nor Princess has a defined waistline, the princess style does have noticeable vertical planets.

Ball Bridal Gowns or Full-Skirt Gown

Bridal gown has a classic and elegant style with fitted bodice and a traditional full skirt. The bodice is often embellished with beaded lace motifs, and the dress is usually layered with airy fabrics. These types of dresses are recommended for the full figured, pear shaped, and thin shaped bodies. This style may also be considered for some people who are petite or have an hourglass figure.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

As the name suggests, mermaid dresses are dresses that mimic the shape of a mermaid. They are typically fitted on top and then widen out at the knees. Fishtail dresses are the same shape but often have a trailing train. This type of dress is a good idea if you have a small bust and small waist. This curvaceous bridal gown style exudes grace and elegance with fitted waist and hips and a gentle flaring at the knees

Mermaid style gowns are recommended for the woman with a figure that they want to show off. This method is not recommended for women who are petite, thick or having a short waist or have an inverted pear shaped body type.

Sheath Bridal Dresses

Sheath dresses are carefully fitted dresses with hems that traditionally end just above the knee. These gowns are usually made of very pure materials. The shape is intended to show off the figure without extraneous detail. These gowns are almost tube-like in appearance. These lace wedding dresses are recommended for thin figured or petite framed women. They may also be considered for some women with an hourglass figure shaped body. This style is not recommended for women who are thick or having a short waist, full-figured or have a pear shaped body type.

Empire Waist

An empire-waist dress is a dress tightly fitted around the bust line. The rest of the bodice falls straight. These beach wedding dresses have been a popular choice for centuries. The empire waist dress is an excellent choice for a bride with a smaller bust since the dividing line in the fabric creates the illusion of a larger chest. These dresses are also fine choices for brides with less than perfect hips. The straight line makes a figure of the bride appear thinner. Empire waist gowns are recommended for women who are petite or do not have a defined waistline. They may also be considered for women with an inverted pear shaped body. This style is not recommended for women with hour glass figures.

Hope this would give you some idea of various types and styles of wedding dresses/gowns.

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