Formal Dress


Amazing cotton Lace  fabric dresses available in sizes 6-22.


A growing number of people are choosing natural fabric over synthetic, or fake, fabric for their everyday outfits. We’ve been quite picky about what kind of clothes to wear during upcoming events, like your best friend’s wedding, your “not so much of a surprise” birthday party, or even just a get together. But have you ever been picky about what kind of fabric you want to wear all over your body? Yes, this is similar to spontaneous decision to turn vegan for the rest of your life. However, they aren’t switching to wool, silk and cashmere for no reason. Studies show that clothes made up of natural fiber have several positive effects. The main positive factor is that natural fibers comprise of less to no toxic chemicals unlike synthetic fibers. Since natural fiber is made up of organic elements, they have not been exposed to radiation, or chemical infusions. Furthermore, synthetic fiber is never good to your skin; the skin, when exposed to chemicals, does not tend to react in a favorable way. The skin is more likely to be irritated due to dryness, which can cause redness and other sorts of painful rashes. Natural fiber fabrics let you breathe through your skin more clearly; the fabric absorbs our sweat and releases it into the air. This is a process known as “wicking”. Also, garments made out of natural fibers tend to last longer even after taking several trips to the laundry for many months, unlike the non natural ones, which begin to wear out in color as well as the overall material


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