Wedding Strapless Dress: Pros and Cons.

Strapless dresses never seem to go out of fashion. They’re on almost every bride-to-be’s wish list. If you’re planning your wedding right now there’s a good chance you like the idea of a strapless wedding dress, too.

According to Kate Berry, the style director for Martha Stewart Weddings, about 75 percent of wedding dresses are strapless. Other styles are more and more popular but strapless is still the most common.

There are many reasons for the popularity of strapless dresses. There are also several disadvantages. If you’ve even seen a bride tugging at her dress all day you know what is the biggest problem.

Natalia Hawk of calls strapless “the most unflattering style of wedding dress”. Yo can read her aricle here to see why.

Naturally, it’s only her personal opinion but she’s not the only one. Here’s another

Let’s start with the advantages of a strapless style. What makes it so appealing?

 tradition – it can be a factor as important for some women as trendy or expensive for other
 a strapless dress can make you feel like a princess or a fairy tale bride, similar to a romantic image you’ve seen hundred of times since you were a little girl
 it can also look very feminine and sexy
 a big, long skirt covers you up, so the little strapless top of the dress allows you to show more skin
 As strapless is the most popular style it’s also the easiest one to find, in many different colours, fabrics and sizes.

A strapless style is not always the best choice. Even if you have a good figure you may look better in a different style.

So what are the possible pitfalls of wearing a strapless dress?

 visible tan lines can look unsightly, and although hiding them under full dress is not a problem, strapless requires a bit more thinking
 big breast? think of spillover cleavage or uniboobs – this is one of the most common reasons for disasters; and strapless bra isn’t the answer either. If you’ve even seen one of the funny videos of brides boobs falling out every time you reach out to hug someone,
 You want your wedding day to be memorable but you wouldn’t want to see your wedding photos on Epic Wedding FAILs all over the Internet, would you? And all you need to do is to reach out for a drink or hug someone and your breast will fall out. Wardrobe malfunctions can be funny but are you sure you’d take the risk?
 being slim and flat chested doesn’t guarantee success as you may end up looking like a stick figure sitting on a big meringue; plus strapless dresses tend to slip down if you’re are flat-chested
 strapless dress may require push-up technology like underwire or a corset to support your breasts
 sagged skin, bulges at the sides and back, or pouches of skin bunching around the armpits can look very ugly, and they show on photos
 strapless dresses are by very fitted default, so they tend to be restrictive, not a good choice if you prefer to be comfortable
 as almost everyone wear this style to their wedding, it’s far from feeling special, original and unique, and that’s how you want to feel on your big day.

All the cons don’t mean that you shouldn’t consider a strapless dress if that’s what you like. It may be just perfect for you. The best thing to do is to try different styles and ask a professional dressmaker or stylist for advice. Bringing a fashion-savvy friend to the appointment with your dressmaker may be a good idea. Listening only to what your fiancé or your parents think doesn’t always work, as they’re more emotionally involved and naturally less objective.

If you want some tips on how to wear a strapless dress and look gorgeous, this article may help you

Better still call in and we’ll help you to choose a dress that will flatter your figure.