At J & R Formal Boutique , we are compromised with our wide customer base, delivering tailoring solutions. Our highly trained tailors are focused in the art of making made-to-measure classic and business suits for ladies.
Our organization is not limited to premium tailoring services. We also provide an extensive variety of fabrics you could desire for your future projects. These have the highest quality of the market at unbeatable prices.
J & R Formal Boutique  is committed with itsclients, granting a top-notch experience. Our classic and business suits for ladies are completely custom-made, designed under strict craft’s guidelines.
The tailoring services we offer include a complex process of measuring, ensuring the best and accurate result possible. In the other hand, J & R Formal Boutique only offer the highest grade in fabrics. The offered fabrics come from the world best makers, securing a product manufactured exclusively by experts.
When it’s about buying classic and business suits for ladies, only J & R Formal Boutique delivers high-quality products, truly sewn and tailored. If you need superiority and durability in fabrics, we are the best choice for you.
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